Admissions Testing

???????????????????????????????As a prerequisite to admission, some education programs or private schools request the results of specific cognitive, readiness, or achievement tests. The results of the evaluation help determine your child’s learning style as well as those skills, which are more or less developed. The decision to admit or deny entrance into an independent school(s) is at the sole discretion of the school.

Aptitude Testing: Depending on the age of your child at the time of the test, either the WPPSI-IV or the WISC-V may be administered to measure cognitive development.

Under the age of 6: The Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence-Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV) is used for children aged 2 years, 6 months through 7 years, 3 months. Depending on the age of the child, completion time is typically 30-60 minutes. ????????????????????????

Ages 6 to 16: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition (WISC-V) is used for children 6 years to 16 years of age. Completion time is typically 60-90 minutes.

Achievement Testing: To assess academic achievement, the Woodcock-Johnson-IV, Tests of Achievement (WJ-IV) is used. Completion time is typically 90-120 minutes.

Other specific tests may be utilized based upon the needs of the schools to which the child is applying. The fee will be determined based on the testing and reporting requirements. For example, if the school requires a formal written psychoeducational evaluation or educational evaluation report, the fee can range from $1500 to $2400.

Important information: To accommodate the busy schedules of parents, Smiling Female Soccer Players Holding SoccerCompass Educational Services can provide testing on weekdays, evenings and weekends. A non-refundable deposit may be required to reserve a testing appointment (this will be applied to the evaluation fee).

Fees for admissions testing include an interview to gather background history and information, review of relevant records, all testing, a written report, and the submission of the report to the parents and two schools or agencies for whom the parents have provided written consent.

Please note that reports cannot be released to any school without written parental consent. Reports cannot be emailed or faxed due to HIPPA regulations. Once testing is completed, a written report is typically mailed within 10-12 days. The report can be completed sooner if application deadlines are approaching. Brief questions about the report will be answered by phone at no additional charge. A face-to-face session (typically 30-60 minutes) can be scheduled to discuss the report in detail for an additional fee. Fees are due on the day of the evaluation.

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