Services and Fees

Admissions Testing We provide individually-administered tests (WISC-V, WJ-IV) to fulfill the part of the application process that may be required for enrollment in an independent school.

Comprehensive Educational Evaluation   Educational testing is offered to evaluate a student’s level of academic achievement and identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses within the areas of reading, mathematics, and written language. This service includes an in-depth interview, all testing,  a comprehensive written Studentsreport with results,  recommendations, and conference to report findings.

Psychoeducational Evaluation   This service includes academic, processing, social/emotional and cognitive (IQ) evaluations to help determine the possible nature of learning difficulties and/or social emotional concerns. This assessment determines strengths and weaknesses of cognitive processing (reasoning, memory, visual/auditory processing, fluency) along with the strengths and weaknesses in basic academic skills, fluency, and problem solving. This service includes the initial intake interview, all testing, a parent/child conference to review the results, and a written report.

Review of Educational Documents  The purpose is to review all educational reports, school records or other testing. A one to two page written summary of impressions and recommendations is provided.Abacus Girl

Educational Seminars and Workshops Using brain-based teaching and learning strategies, we offer a series of educational seminars and workshops for clients designed to provide practical strategies and ideas to promote learning. We will create and customize trainings to meet your needs. Some topics we offer include: ADHD: Tips for Teachers and Parents; Blending Assessment with Instruction; Improving Organization and Study Skills; Instructional Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities;  Memory: What is It and How Do You Improve It?; and Recognizing the Early Warning Signs of Reading Difficulties.

???????????????????????????????Educational Screening Tests  This service is provided for when a student needs a short test to identify performance levels within a content area and does not need the full battery of tests. A one to two page written report is provided.

Program Evaluation Compass Educational Services offers a systematic assessment of the processes and the outcomes of a program. We use a collaborative approach to offer a variety of evaluation services to monitor and assess program implementation and effectiveness related to the fields of general and special education. For example, a school may request an evaluation of the student support service or IEP process, student record keeping system, methods for progress monitoring of IEP goals, and current classroom management practices. An educational agency offering tutoring services, on the other hand, may request an analysis of program effectiveness for improving student outcomes (e.g., reading skills).

Fee and Payment Structure: Compass Educational Services uses a service-based fee structure. Therefore, fees vary depending on the complexity of the consultative or advocacy services and the battery of assessments that may be required to address the client’s unique needs.

There is no charge for the first half hour of consultation to address questions and determine purpose of potential service. Unless otherwise determined and agreed, rates for services rendered will be billed at a rate of $175 per hour for services (e.g., meetings, observations,  record reviews, professional development) and $50 per hour for travel. A $200 non-refundable retainer fee is required to be paid in advance when an appointment for consultation or testing is scheduled. The deposit is applied toward the overall service fee. We offer a sliding scale whenever possible. Checks, cash and major credit cards are accepted. Contact Dr. Patricia O’Malley for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Compass Educational Services does not accept direct insurance payment for services and does not participate in any insurance provider network. Insurance companies rarely pay for educational testing or psychoeducational evaluations. Compass Educational Services will work with a family to help them with reimbursement process. You are encouraged to check with your insurance provider.

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