Consultation/Advocacy Services

Educational Consultation Compass Educational Services helps parents navigate the educational system by helping them identify an appropriate educational program for their child’s unique learning needs. This may include observing the child at school, interviewing teachers or other professionals, reviewing records and previous testing, making recommendations, or providing referrals.

Our consultative services utilize an array of techniques, including observation, collaboration, interviewing, surveying, demonstration, conferencing, and provision of professional development resources and presentations. We are here to help.

picCompass Educational Services offers a series of educational seminars and workshops designed to provide practical strategies and ideas to promote learning. Areas of focus include data-based decision making, progress monitoring, effective instruction, and educational assessment. Topics can be provided in 60, 90 minute, ½ day, or full day sessions. All seminars and workshops are uniquely designed to address the needs of the intended audience. Compass Educational Services will create trainings to meet your needs. Contact Dr. Patricia O’Malley for more information.

Advocacy An advocate works with other professionals to help ensure that a child receives the appropriate support to optimize potential. Compass Educational Services can give advice to address concerns about a child’s learning challenges (attention, behavior, academic). We offer support for children requiring special education services, IEPs, 504 plans, and those in gifted and talented programs.

This service may include:

  • Academic planning to help attain educational goals.

  • Assisting with the 504 Plan or IEP development or process.

  • Attending school meetings to advocate for a child’s needs.

  • Communicating with other agencies or schools on behalf of the parents.

  • Conferencing with other professionals.

  • Assistance with identifying a child’s most appropriate placement.

  • Preparing parents for meetings with school personnel.

  • Monitoring the child’s progress while enrolled in a school or program.

  • Assisting in the selection of modifications, accommodations or auxiliary aids to support a child’s learning.

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